Why am I being asked for my social security number?

It is not mandatory you provide your social security number but since homeowners insurance companies now generate an “insurance score” based on your credit information as part of their underwriting requirements, many carriers will not quote you without this information. For the few carriers that will quote you without your SSN, you will not receive the best rates available to you. Thus, it is to your advantage that you provide your SSN to your broker when shopping for homeowners insurance. Even your present homeowner’s insurance company has used your SSN in part to generate your renewal premiums, which they also must disclose in your policy documentation. Check it out for yourself…it’s in there. There are a few states left that don’t allow this and even less companies that won’t ask for it. Tons of research has gone into this and statistics prove that credit history is an accurate indicator of the likelihood of you making a claim. Those who are highly indebted or have a history of not paying their bills tend to make more claims. Hence a better score will result in a better premium and vice versa.

 Why am I being asked if I have a college degree for an auto quote?

Some companies will give a discount to people who have a degree or some college.